Beginning to collect art isn't as easy as it could be. Community Supported Art programs across the country aim to make meeting artists and buying their work easier for everyone. Modeled after popular agricultural CSA programs, CSArt aims to provide collectors with boxes full of art every year through a sustainable model of artistic production.  


Buy a share, collect art.

It's really that easy. Nine jury-selected artists each create an edition of original works. Out of the edition, one piece goes to your share. The cost? $300. Over the course of a season—about 3 months—you get nine limited-edition pieces of art, created specifically for CSA STL members. You'll pick them up at three pick-up events, which will take place in creative spaces throughout the city.  

Member shares for the 2014 season have SOLD OUT! If you missed out this year, be on the lookout for CSA STL season 2 in 2015. Learn more here.


Your neighbors.

CSA STL casts a wide net for working artists strictly from the St. Louis area. Nine are chosen by a distinguished and diverse jury of notable arts leaders. They choose artists from varying disciplines—performance, painting, sculpture, music, writing—ensuring the quality of the art produced and making each season's share eclectic and unique. 

Click '2014 Artists' above to see who will be involved!



Tell your friends!

Selling all 50 shares makes the program self-sustaining, for artists and collectors alike. Tell your friends about this project, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on our progress, or sign up for our e-newsletter! And we hope you'll join us for our pick-up events, which are free and open to the public.

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This local project is modeled on the Community Supported Art program in Minnesota, created by and Springboard for the Arts.