Community Supported Art

Community Supported Art is a movement happening in cities all over the country, and now it's Saint Louis' turn! CSA is an exciting new model of artistic production and distribution that supports artists in the creation of new work and establishes relationships with local collectors and patrons. Modeled after the ethos of community supported agriculture, the concept is simple—collector's buy a "share" of art, which equals nine locally-produced pieces by nine jury-selected artists. Over the course of the "season", collectors receive their art at three pick-up events where they can connect directly with artists, meet other collectors and walk away with three new pieces of art! Learn how it all started with CSA Minneapolis.

The proceeds from sold shares go to the artists for the production of their work. That means you get the benefits of crowd-sourced support, and artists get the benefit of a buy-direct model, meeting patrons interested in buying their work.

The goal? To erase the barriers to entry for people interested in buying art, whether it's cost or access. By providing value to would-be collectors and connecting them directly to artists, we hope to cultivate long-term relationships that result in a stronger, self-sustaining, art-creating community.

Cassandra, Gardiner, and Katy hanging out in Tower Grove Park

Cassandra, Gardiner, and Katy hanging out in Tower Grove Park

Who are we?

Three friends who want St. Louis' artists and related communities to succeed. We're artists, arts managers, designers, writers and educators. Our jobs are tied to the success of Saint Louis, and we want to do MORE to promote the STL art community however we can!

Want to meet and talk about art, how you can help, or St. Louis in general? Send us a note.

Thanks for the support! 

- Katy, Gardiner and Cassandra